A little Warren county history


Rediscover the charms of rural america, A short drive and a world away - and right here in north carolina.

Start on Courthouse Square in the county seat of Warrenton with over 90% of the downtown buildings, as well as many throughout the county, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Continue through Norlina, and the tiny town of Macon. Winding roads connect our small communities with histories as unique as their names: Lickskillet, Liberia, Soul City, Wise and Ridgeway.  (Warren County's North Carolina Highway Historical Markers.)

Warren County, established in 1779, has abundant evidence of early America, enjoyed best while walking or driving self-guided tours of some of North Carolina's most distinguished ante-bellum homes. South of the Eaton Ferry Road crossing of sparkling Lake Gaston, visit Buck Springs Plantation, birthplace of Nathaniel Macon, the state's only speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Warren County is a mecca of independent-minded, self-reliant people...like the ones who founded this country. Small businesses and small shops abound.


We plan to add links to various sites with historical information about Warren County in the future.